Call for Papers
For the “Museums Are So Fun!” 2014 International Conference on Museum Marketing, we invite papers on museum marketing and related fields. Please submit papers on the following topics. However, you are not limited to them.

1. Museum marketing and strategies: Any papers exploring theories or practice of museum marketing, such as achieving organisational mandates, segmentation, marketing mix, and branding are all welcome. Furthermore, research on marketing strategies like competition, event or experience marketing are also recommended.

2. Museum audiences and public engagement: The importance of audiences in museum have never been so highly regarded in the new century. Every museum hopes to establish a long and solid relationship with their visitors, through exhibitions, educational programmes and public services. Free-choice learning contributes to gaining knowledge in our daily life, which implies that museums has play an key role as the communicator. Research into the understanding of visitor profile and museums’ communication function to increase their engagement are particularly welcome.

3. Intellectual property right and creative industry/design: Intellectual property right is a core value in modern museums. It helps museums to protect, acquire, licensing and add value to museum’s products and services. With the popularity of cultural industry worldwide, museums now often consider the possibilities of brand-building, souvenir-designing, catering and activity-planning, in order to refresh the images of museums and attract more visitors. The organisors hope to have papers related to issues of creative industry/design as well as intellectual property right.

4. Attracting external resources and media access: Attracting external resources is now playing a greater force on museum management and marketing, from volunteers and fundraising to donations. Another significant aspect is the access to media, including the cooperation with mass media and the incorporation of information and communication technology (ICT). Any research sharing the findings of marketing external resources, media cooperation, new ICT media and marketing are very much expected.

5. Others: Papers related to museum marketing that contribute to broaden the vision and reinforce the depth of this conference are all welcome.

Types of presentation
1. Types of presentation: This conference is looking forward to accepting both paper and panel presentations, as depicted below.

(1) Paper presentation: including academic research paper and practical case studies.
  Academic research paper Practical case and experience
Content Papers suitable for the topics of the conference in Chinese or English Presentations suitable for the topics of the conference in Chinese or English
Words of the abstract No more than 1,000 words in Chinese or 500 words in English No more than 500 words in Chinese or 250 words in English
Words of full paper Between 6,000-10,000 words in Chinese or 3,000-6,000 words in English Between 1,500-3,000 words in Chinese or PPT files; between 1,000-2,000 words in English or PPT files
Format APA No particular format
其它 研討會後推薦至《科技博物》(該期刊是博物館領域專業季刊,由國立科學工藝博物館發行),學術審查通過後,刊登於104年出刊的《科技博物》。
(2) Panel discussion: Any panel related to museum marketing are welcome. It requires the description of the topic and content, along with details of presenters and their titles.Each presenter has to provide individual abstract.

2. Paper submission: Please submit your presentation (Panel, Academic Research Paper, and Practice Case and Experience) online, website: (click to submit).

Important Dates

1. Deadline for abstract submission: 30th April, 2014.
2. Announcement of abstract acceptance: 15th May, 2014.
3. Deadline for paper submission: 31th July, 2014.
4. Presentation at conference: 2nd and 3rd October, 2014.

Contact Dr. Shang-Ching Yeh, Assistant Researcher,
Collection and Research Division, National Science and Technology Museum

Dr. Shin-Chieh Tzeng, Assistant Professor,
Graduate Institute of Conservation of Cultural Relics and Museology,
Tainan National University of the Arts